Middle Aged Women or… 12 Years Old?

Recently I have been on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram like any other 18 year old. Unlike any other 18 year old, I have been mediating unnecessary fights and drama between “grown women” and children. Yes, children! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Women with babies and husbands and over 20 years old are arguing with kids in high school. The best part? The “kids” were acting more like adults than the actual adults! Now that wasn’t always the case. Sometimes they were on the same level of immature. I’m not talking about classy disagreements. I’m talking about cursing at each other, calling each other immature (which I thought was rather amusing), bashing the way they look/live, and most importantly they were acting like a couple of junior high kids who don’t know how to form sentences correctly. I try to keep out of the drama but sometimes it gets a bit out of hand. But when I step in and try to make the adults realize the level they stooped to, they in turn attack me and call me just as stupid as the child they are attacking to begin with. Needless to say I’m confused. Society hates my generation. What about the 30 year old women acting worse than preteens?

I can not stress this enough for people to realize. There’s absolutely no excuse to be telling a child to F off and that they are a-holes. I don’t care if they got into a fight with your kid or said something about you on social media. Time to grow up ladies! Not responding or a simple “have a nice day” is much more admirable and looks much better than stooping to an extremely low level. It is extremely sad that I, an 18 year old who is years ahead of her time (obviously), have to tell a woman much older than me (and should be much wiser) that enough is enough when arguing with a child. Now I expect some hate from that particular group of older women for this. I also expect them to exhibit the same pathetic antics I just described.

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